Movements and Divisions - RX or Scaled?

Not saying that these movements will be programed but to give you a good idea of which Division you should sign up for read the below.

RX - you should be able to perform MUs and DUs.  Lifting heavy should be anticipated and complex lifts like the Snatch (135 / 95) should be a joy to perform.  Don't worry about Handstand Walks - we prefer our feet.

Scaled - Don't worry about MUs or heavy heavy reps.  No barbell movement is off limit so cleans, snatches, deadlift and thrusters are all fair game.

Masters and Super Masters - If you are of age play here.  This will be comparable to the scaled division with lighter weights. 

Masters age 40-50.  Super Masters 50+

Events with movement standards will be released before the Comp. 

George Culver