2 person team. You both should be able to perform well. Lifting heavy things and sprinting should be fun. Movements may include MUs, DUs, HSPUs, Heavy Barbell but absolutely no Handstand walks.


You should know if this is the right division for you. You like to CrossFit. You like to compete. You would still like to be stronger and some movements are just not going to happen (hint - no MUs in this division).


Age 40 -50 team.

No decisions to be made about RX or Scaled here. You are of age. Congratulations on still competing.


Age 50+ 2 person team

Hammer & Chisel is a great place to be. We are glad you are here.


Age 14 - 16 Years Old at time of Comp

Barbell work, running and some body weight work (pull ups, T2B...)